What Is the Difference Between A Divorce and Dissolution?

In Ohio, both a Divorce and a Dissolution result in a final court order that terminates the marriage and allocates all debts, assets, sets forth all support orders and provides the terms of the parenting arrangement. The difference is in the process of how you get to the end result.

In a Dissolution the parties have worked out all issues and reached an agreement on all terms. The agreements are set forth in a separation agreement which is filed with the initial Petition for Dissolution. Only one final hearing is necessary.

In a Divorce the parties have not been able to work out an agreement and file various court required forms along with the initial Complaint for Divorce. An action for divorce requires more court involvement through reports, scheduling conferences and hearings. Ultimately, if the parties are unable to reach an agreement the court will issue orders on all matters.

In Kentucky, the procedures are similar, however, the proceedings are referred  to as either a contested or uncontested Dissolution.